CBI (Community Based Instruction) is incorporated in our social skills lessons.  Each week a theme will be the focus of the skills needed to learn within the community. For example, buying the ingredients needed to make a snack/lunch. First we look up the ingredients needed for the recipe, and create a grocery list. Once in the supermarket staff explain to the campers that all markets are set up the same way, with produce on one side and frozen within the isles. Teaching them the importance to look up at the signs in the store to find the ingredients on their list, while problem solving and finding someone to ask if they cannot find something. Putting the objects in the cart, onto the belt, paying and bagging, are just some of the additional everyday community life skills that we teach our campers each week. After buying the food, campers come back to camp, and find where the purchased items go (shelf, freezer, refrigerator, etc.) The following day we will revisit the recipe, gather all the materials purchased the day before from the kitchen, finally making the snack/lunch to enjoy. This is just ONE example of our CBI camp activities while incorporating RDI skills. 

High School Age – Young Adult Work Program:

The Young Adult Work Program is giving an opportunity to have students participate in job sampling in the community of Morristown in conjunction with their CBI skills. Determining which job is right for each student is a team effort to find what the student would like to try. Each job will be taught at Spectrum Consulting Inc and then scheduled work days and times will be conducted at the workplace. 

18 to 21 – Young Adult Work Program

At this level, students will continue job sampling and prevocational skills at Spectrum Consulting Inc to be able to work in the community of Morristown. In the past, we’ve worked alongside Glassworks, Pascarella's Deli, The Swiss Chalet Bakery and Grow it Green Urban Farm, and we continue to foster more relationships with businesses in the town. This ensures more opportunities for growth and job experience.


Good afternoon Lisa. 
I would like to thank you for the opportunity to have both Dante and Paulie work at Pascarella Brother's Sandwich Shoppe.  During their time here, I watch them help with the day to day operations and morning set-up.  These included restocking my drink coolers and salad dressings, cleaning the front of the restaurant, and even making prepared box lunches.  They were very energetic and interested in learning more tasks each and every day.  It was a pleasure to have them here and I look forward to hearing about their future progress.  Please know they are welcome at any time to ask questions, advice or just to say hello.  
I would also like to commend their aides for a job well done. They were patient, kind and work very well with them. They respected our routines and protocols while teaching the boys in a way that made sense to them.
On behalf of my staff and customers, I would also like to thank you for your efforts in raising awareness about autism. I had numerous people ask about the boys and I was happy to educate others. Have a wonderful school year and we look forward to seeing you soon.
Gino Pascarella
Pascarella Brother's Sandwich Shoppe
61 South st
Morristown, NJ 07960