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The fact remains that Only 17.8 percent of U.S. working age individuals with disabilities have jobs. For adults who have autism, a developmental disability that has skyrocketed in prevalence, the unemployment rate is 80% (The Economist, April 2016). 

Careers are a gateway to independence for people with special needs and, clearly, more needs to be done to ensure that they have equal opportunities to participate in the workplace. 

Therefore, at Spectrum we evaluate his/her interests, capabilities and needed level of support. We teach specific skills, communications and workplace behavior while having a one on one job coach to ensure success.  


The Young Adult Work Program is giving an opportunity to have students participate in job sampling in the community of Morristown in conjunction with their CBI skills. Determining which job is right for each student is a team effort to find what the student would like to try. Each job will be taught at Spectrum Consulting Inc and then scheduled work days and times will be conducted at the workplace.

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