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The purpose of the this service is to work on CBI (Community Based Instruction) while incorporating natural social skills. Each week a theme will be the focus of the skills needed to learn within the community. For example, buying the ingredients that is needed to make a snack/ lunch.  First we look up the ingredients that we need to buy when we go to the supermarket. Once in the supermarket, staff explain to the students that they are set up the same way with produce on one side and frozen within the isles. Teaching them the importance to look up at the signs within the store, to find the food objects to complete their list. If they are unable to find something, problem solving and finding someone to ask. Putting the objects within the cart, onto the belt, paying and bagging, are everyday community life skills that we teach our students each week.  After buying the food, where does it go?  Shelf, freezer or refrigerator, etc.. The following day we will take out the recipe, go into the kitchen and acquire all the materials to cook what was bought the day before.  This is just ONE example of our CBI activities,

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