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RDI® (Relationship Development Intervention®) is an intervention for individuals on the Autism Spectrum that targets social interaction and dynamic thinking skills. It is a home-based, parent-led program in which parents are taught how to re-establish the guided participation relationship with their child.

RDI® was developed by, Dr. Steven Gutstein, a clinical psychologist from Houston, Texas. Dr. Gutstein had developed a reputation in Houston for helping individuals on the Autism Spectrum develop social skills. Many of his clients were able to "blend in" quite well in social situations for short periods of time, but developing long-term friendships and relationships continued to be a challenge. Many of them also still had difficulty with dynamic thinking and flexibility, which made it difficult for them to adjust to the ever-changing circumstances that go with daily life.

In RDI®, parents are taught to use strategies like slowing down daily interactions, making changes to their communication style, and engaging the child in simple interactions that offer a re-do of the foundations that were missed in infancy and early childhood. An RDI® Program Consultant will guide you through this process, and train you to re-establish the guided participation relationship with your child. As the child moves through the stages of RDI®, new connections are built in the brain, helping the child to develop dynamic thinking, flexibility, and relationship skills.

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